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The Masianello System

FreeThis fun system is designed for the even chance bets on Roulette (for best results, play on a table which offers the "La Partage" rule; you only lose half your stake when the zero hits). You start at the top left-hand side of the grid and bet the color and unit size indicated by the highlighted (yellow) cell. That's all there is to it. The bets (highlighted cell) moves either down or to the right, and eventually one of two things can happen : (1) You reach either the right side or the bottom of the grid, in which case you will have won roughly 20 units. (2) You end up in the bottom-right cell, in which case you have lost 100 units. This only occurs if there is equality in the outcomes; ie you get the same number of reds as blacks. The chance of that occurring is 17.6% and so the probability of winning (making 20 units) is 82.4%.


Although the system is simple, for your reference I've included a PDF of the English translation of the original method (which was Italian) in the download.

To use the software, just click on relevant numbers in the layout area on the left to input the spins. The software tracks all three even chances, and you can choose which to play by clicking the corresponding checkbox. When a grid is completed (ie you have won 20 units or lost 100), a grid will automatically return to the "home" cell (top left), but you can reset any grid at any time by clicking the relevant Reset button, which also resets that EC bank to zero.

You can use whatever denomination of unit size you want by entering it in the spinners (or clicking the up/down arrow buttons). The denominations range from 0.1 up to 5 in 0.1 increments. The stake is shown in blue to the right of each spinner. So for instance, in the screenshot the stake for R/B is set to 10 cents (0.1) and the highlighted cell in the R/B grid contains 3, so your stake is 3 x 0.1 = 0.3 (or 30 cents). If the La Partage checkbox is checked only half the stake will be subtracted when the zero hits.